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In North Central Florida a heated pool is a neccessity, not a luxury ! Imagine investing in a home without air conditioning, or for that matter an automobile costing over $35,000. For most of the year you would not be pleased, The same holds true for a swimming pool. If you have a pool without a source of heat, you owe it to yourself and your family to explore solar pool heating.


Our solar pool heating systems are manufactured by Aquatherm Industries, proudly manufacured  in Lakewood New Jersey. Our pool collectors carry a ten year transferrable warranty similar to systems offered by the now defunct ECS Solar Energy Systems of North Florida.


Most pool owners will agree that their pool is  used most often when the water temperature reaches 80 degrees and above. This can occur from May through June, however as the hot Florida summer continues, your pool can become uncomfortably warm!

We can solve this problem with a solar pool heating system ! A properly sized SolarPool Heater can give you a temperature increase of 15 to twenty degrees, allowing for increased enjoyment during the spring and fall. With a comfort control system installed you can controlthe temperature of your pool much the same as setting the thermostat for your home air conditioner! Solar equipment will last far longer than fossil fuel burning heat sources. The Initial investment in a solar system is typically a little more than a gas or electric heat source, but a solar system has no planned maintenance, no increase in operational cost, and after all, Solar Energy is free !

So again, we have a non-pollouting, no maintenance, solution that will allow you and your family to fully enjoy the comfort of a solar heated pool. Thats what it comes down to-maximizing the usage of your backyard family fun place!



Extend your Swimming Season Solar Pool Heating

About Pool Heating 

 Solar Pool heating in North Central Florida is not a luxury, it is a neccessity if you are to fully enjoy the investment of a new or existing pool. Most pool owners will agree that swimming in a pool that is below 80 degrees is not comfortable. The pool and spa industry has shown that adult night time swimming temperature is 86 degrees. Without a source of heat your screened pool will reach 80 degrees for about 50 days out of the year, typically from July through August. You can be enjoying your pool all year with a solar pool heating system! We can extend your swimming season from a mere 50  to 250 days of temperatures over 80 degrees.

A pool system is not perfect. It cannot heat the pool to 80 degreesat night, or when it's raining,and air temperatures fall to below 50 degrees with windy conditions tha we see through the winter months. As a rule of thumb if you have a solar heated pool and are comfortableoutside in a bathing suit, your pool will be warm and comfortable. A solar pool heating system will keep your pool10 to 15 degrees warmer than an unheated pool. If you are using the heater inyour home and need to wear a jacket outside chances are good that you will need a wetsuit to go swimming!

Heating a pool in Florida with solar energy is the most natural and cost effective means to heat your pool. With no pollution, or greenhouse gas emmissions it only makes sense to choose Solar Energy for an economically and environmentally friendly source of fuel for your pool heating needs.


How it works

Very Basic Pool System diagram

By adjusting the pool pumps timer typically between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM you are able to filter the contents of your pool and add heat during the time period that your collectors are receiving heat from the rays of the sun. An automatic controller of "ComfortControl" determines wether conditions are favorable to gain heat in the pool. When the outside conditions are favorable to add heat,the controller energizes a valve motor which easily diverts the water to the rooftop mounted solar collectors, picking up heat to be returned to the pool. The control system also maximizes performance by using not just the heat of the sun, but the outside air temperature can realize a gain even on overcast days. This is a low temperature solar application, meaning we are wanting to heat a very large volume of water slowly unlike a hot water system, where we are getting a rapid gain on a smaller volume of water. This slower gradual heat gain over a period of several days will have your pool typically 8 to 16 degrees warmer than an unheated pool. With the use of a pool blanket you can actually be on average 16-25 degrees warmer.

The comfort control also works like the thermostat in your home, once the comfort setting of your desired temperature is reached the valve motor is directed to bypass the collectors to keep the pool at your own comfort level. In some cases a pool can become uncomfortably warm, we are able to set the timer and the control in such a manner that we are running the system at night, which brings the water down to outside air temperature.


Q. What size system do I need?

A. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect  a 3 dgree rise for every 20% of pool surface area that we are approximating with collector area. As an example for a 15 X 30 Square foot pool if we can add 450 square feet of collector area, we will see a 16 degree temperature gain. With 225 Square feet or 50% coverage we would see an 8 degree rise in temperature. Most of our customers installween 80 and 100% coverage, but keep in mind we can start out small and add collectors over time.

Q. Where should I install my system?

A. We look for a roof area that is in full sun from at least 10 am to 2 pm preferrably facing south, however if an east or west roof receives adequate sunlight you have a suitable location.

Q. How do I maintain my system?

A.Solar pool heaters require very little maintenance aside from keeping any debris from accumulating which should be part of maintaining any roof surface. Unlike a gas or electric heat pump there is no motor, compressor, or refrigerant to worry about.

Q. Is a solar pool heater easy to operate?

A. Yes! Most systems can be made to be fully automatic and simple to operate. With a Comfort control system it's as easy as set it and forget it!

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